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The year is 862 AD. Vikings are marauding across the kingdom of Northumbria; raping, pillaging, destroying all in their path. The towns and villages of the kingdom are panic-stricken, watching the surrounding hillsides for the flames of destruction that mean only one thing: they are coming.

In a nunnery in Colodesburg, Aeva is waiting. She is to be a rich man's bride. But then something happens to save her from her fate: the Vikings arrive. Before they can break into the nunnery, the Abbess forces Aeva down a secret tunnel. She emerges in the countryside, hidden by the dark, where she must watch the flames dance up into the sky and listen to the screams of everyone she loves.

Taken under the wing of three fierce and deadly soldiers, Aeva is drawn into the tumult of war as the Vikings continue their invasion of Northumbria. Surrounded by so much danger she'll have to carefully guard her life... and her heart. ype your paragraph

The world as we know it has ended. Bree and her little sister Millie are two of the few survivors, kept safe thanks to Captain Brunton and his squad of soldiers. It's a hard life, even harder when Bree doesn't know where they're going or what they're doing. Captain Brunton's Rules - Number One: You aren't a soldier and you don't need to know. 

But then Millie gets captured and all of a sudden that word, that word that's only ever been whispered around Bree and her sister - "breeders" - is suddenly everywhere. Bree doesn't even know what it means, but she knows it's trouble. 

Everything's changing and Bree doesn't know who to trust. Kyle, who sees Bree only as a little sister, though she's desprerate for more? Captain Brunton, who's gruff and snappish and intimidating? Or Lance Corporal Kendrick, who's made no secret of the fact he thinks a meal in Bree's mouth is a waste of precious food? .